Mã sản phẩm: S1028K
Tên cuốn sách: How the Weather Works
Tác giả: Michael Allaby
Nhà sản xuất: Reader's Digest
Năm phát hành: 1995
Thể loại: Science in general/ Sách về khoa học nói chung
Dành cho lứa tuổi: Thiếu nhi
Số trang: 192
Số lượng: 1
Ghi chú:

Trị giá sách: 653,000vnđ

Phí mượn sách: 20,000 vnđ/tuần

- Why does it rain? What is lightning? Are we entering another Ice Age? The way the weather changes is endlessly fascinating. For farmer and fisherman, sailors and pilots, any changes in the weather are crucial. But even people whose daily life seems unaffected by the weather are still intrigued by the dramatic changes that can take place.
- This book not only encourages you to keep records of local conditions, it also tells you how to interpret your observations, so that you can understand how the weather works. With the simplest of instruments, it shows how to take meteorological readings and perform experiments that explain the basic principles of the weather.
- The experiments can be set up in your own home and garden, using simple, everyday articles. They have been carefully planned and tested by experts and photographed step-by-step, so they can be followed with total confidence.

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